10 Things about logo design

10 Things About Logo Designs

Logos are critical and more goes into your logo than just a pretty color or a neat design.

They may be daunting to create but are a must for any business and are the cornerstone of any perfect business brand, or even a personal brand. You need your logo to explain who you’re and what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. You will include it on social posts, marketing materials, presentation decks, business cards, and more. That is many heavy liftings for one small graphic to do, right?

Why Are Logos So Important?

Anyone starting a new law firm will be given the suggestion to invest in getting a logo, though many people fail to realize that having a logo is just the primary step of building a memorable brand identity for your law firm. A logo is the keystone of your brand and no matter what kind of brand or business you own, it’s important to have a professionally designed logo. Without one, your audience will not be able to identify your company, allow alone allow you to outweigh your competitors.

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A Logo Is the Face of Your Business

A Logo Is the Face of Your Business

We tend to image a specific brand with its logo and this’s related to your experience and connection with the company. Whenever you see a logo of a brand you’ve previously associated with, you can’t help but recall the interactions you’ve had with that certain brand.

Logos Drive Consumer Decision-Making

We can create a judgment about the brand’s products or services, from just a single glance at the logo. This’s connected to the prior experience we’ve had with the brand and the visual itself. If the logo matches your perception about the kind of company you think it’s, it can influence the decisions you make and the expectations you’ve from them.

Logos Allow for Quick Brand Recognition

Words aren’t enough to convey what a brand has to provide, and words are difficult to memorize. As the age-old saying goes, an image is worth 1000 words. A brand’s visual identity requires to be unique so the brand can be rapidly and simply identified.

Logos Make You Stand Out from Your Competition

A logo is directly associated with a business and its products and services. Countless companies can be offering similar services as yours but what sets you apart from the rest is solely your logo and brand. This provides you with the option to come up with a design that

leaves a lasting first impression.

Research and analyze the needs & goals of the business

Before you design a logo, you should conduct extensive research about the aims of the firm. One such way is through a brand questionnaire or finding a call. The brand concept you make should reflect the ethos and goals of brands.

Consider Creating Your Logo in Black and White First

The selection of the right color palette may be overwhelming for designers and customers at the beginning of a project since the possibilities of selecting certain colors are innumerable. For this reason, it may be beneficial to design in black and white at the start of the project, and then move into color. See here for color psychology in branding.

Pay Attention to Scalability

When designing a logo, the notion of scalability plays an essential role. You’ll be adding your logo to promotional items like social media posts, posters, business cards, and even billboards, so your logo wants to work in all these sizes. Scalability is just as essential as the responsiveness of a logo design, meaning how the logo adapts or changes in different sizes and orientations. On this note, few brands even animate their logo, so this can be kept in mind when designing the logo. For a logo to fit each aspect of digital and traditional branding, you’ve to make sure it looks good in every possible and relevant format. For that reason, you need to test your logo on both little and large-scale formats and make multiple versions of the logo for different use case scenarios.

Typography Is Important

Typography is so important it can break or make a logo. Fonts have a personality all their own. They can tell consumers what kind of brand they can expect.

Pro Tip: Try as a minimum of 10 to 20 fonts before settling on one. Experiment with the weight, size, and spacing. You can even try making your custom font.

Color Means A Lot

Color gives meaning to everything about us and makes us think or feel a certain way. You want to make sure that the colors you select complement one another.

Pro Tip: Color theory may be tricky, but a basic understanding of how colors work can be a big benefit for your business.

Easy on The Effects

In the world of Photoshop, we can change just around any aspect of a logo. However, in almost every instance, less is more and these impacts only complicate things.

Pro Tip: If you select to use one or more of these impacts, your logo should not depend on it.

Look at Your Logo from Every Angle

A logo can look fine and dandy upright and against a white background, but your logo will be stamped on all types of marketing materials (check out Blue Soda Promo, it’s all we do).

Pro Tip: be sure you look at it from every angle before something embarrassing happens, you are out a ton of money, and back at square one.

Use White Space Appropriately

White, or negative, space gives a logo balance. It can act as another element without crowding.

Pro Tip: White space allows you to add hidden elements, but watch out for inappropriate spaces.

Avoid A Rainbow of Color

As we touched on above, color is very essential. Still of the top 100 brands in the world, 95 percent use only one or two colors in their logos.

Pro Tip: If it’s necessary to use multiple colors, be sure that the logo works in one color as well.

Logos Are More Than A Cool Symbol or Font

Logos are the face of a company. They do not essentially sell a company or product, but over time help build trust.

Pro Tip: Be smart, specific, and direct with your logo.

Be Original

Do not copy another designer’s work. There’s nothing wrong with checking out the competition for inspiration, but copying another person’s thoughts or work is just plain wrong. Stand out on your own.

Pro Tip: If you succeed, the last thing you need is to have your logo mistaken for somebody else’s.

Keep It Simple

The simple the logo, the more recognizable it’ll be. It is on our list but should be followed from the start. Break your logo down to only the necessary. Do you truly need that background element? Are all the colors required? Is the name even important? All these questions and more should be asked before you present your logo to the world. If you need help with logo design services for your law firm, reach out! BDEC Marketing Group is happy to help! Book a free call, here!

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